Swadesh is the Voice of Unnati Silks

Why choose Swadesh?

Swadesh means ‘my land’ or ‘my country’ in Hindi. Unnati Silks is Indian and proud to be one. Steeped in Indian culture and ethos, ‘Swadesh’ lends a patriotic touch. The focus of Unnati is on Indian ethnic fabrics, and traditional styles spread across the land.

The weaving styles, the printing methods, the incorporations in Unnati’s fabrics are not localized or specific to any region. They cover traditional pockets in almost every nook and corner of the country.

Unnati has an association with master weavers across India of almost all known traditional styles from the last three decades. Unnati has a pan-India presence that has percolated even to some destinations offshore.

Naturally in the choice for names, Unnati with strong national leanings would tend to shortlist such an indicative name that has finally come to be selected.

To understand Swadesh one must familiarize oneself with Unnati.

 Unnati is a living organization made up of 200 + dedicated and loyal mindsets and a common goal –

  •  Deepening the relationship with the Master artisans and Craftsmen across the country.
  • Making continual efforts to revive the glory of Indian Handlooms and traditional printing and showcasing them to the world through new platforms.
  • Improvising and creatively providing unique, refreshing, fashionable and quality new-look traditional fabrics of excellence to the market.
  • Making a small but significant contribution in the preservation of a rich legacy through successive generations.
  • Dedicating all efforts for the cause of fashion and the nation through the knowledgeable and skilled team of specialists in Design, Printing, Weaving and Fashion Consulting.

Swadesh is the vocal face that will lend credence to the many faces of Unnati.

The eager and ever youthful dynamic face of Unnati – which always studies and improvises to do something new and purposeful – through its market research and novel creations.
The dreaming visionary conjuring up many plans and projects – that would create new platforms for showcasing traditional excellence. And the business entity that has espoused a social cause of providing opportunities for ethnic craftsmen from the start – and has stayed committed to it.

Like any rational human being, the living and breathing 200 plus strong body of Unnati has a heart and soul. It has its opinions and views, its plans and programmes, its thoughts and aspirations. Swadesh is the space for this living need to give vent to thought and expression through its various sections.

Desi Vogue

Unnati loves fashion and therefore would speak of fashion and trends in Indian fabrics, exploring popular ‘in’ designs and patterns, why something could be considered ‘hot’, what traditional styles could fuse well etc.

Fiber Talk

Purely about styles and the making of fabrics, the highlights of individual traditional varieties, weaving processes and other topics related to policies, government schemes would figure in this ‘purely about weaving’ that Unnati with its knowledge and experience would like to share

Celebrating India

Unnati has a deep respect as human beings for other cultures and traditions. However expression of what one knows best due to circumstances of being Indian and part of the Indian ethos, it would be a small contribution from Unnati on exploring India through Unnati’s eyes. It would touch upon subjects Indian, like exotic places in India that don’t figure in popular tourist destinations, Indian festivals and their flavour, traditional customs and observances and other interesting facts about the Indian way of life.

Fresh Perspective

Fresh Perspective is Unnati’s take on subjects current and apolitical or for that matter anything that has been in the news but seen differently by Unnati, and with a reason. It would be just another opinion – from Unnati’s point of view.

She's Different!

A journey with a woman of substance and charisma each time, from any field of endeavor. We aim to portray the woman whose life and achievements show her life path, her struggle and indeed why she is ‘different’.

Let’s simplify

An attempt to get you to do things easier and by yourself. It could range from care of fabrics, to fashion tips to anything that you could do yourself with ease but did not know how.

From the Heart

The guiding light or things that matter and need to be done – the profound message, straight and simple from the CEO’s desk.


The other three that accompany are more in passing or purely out of subjective interest for Indian women.

Cooking, Bollywood & the Idiot Box and light topics from here which are put under Pot Pourri, Bollywood Barfi and Blah!Blah!