Brexit – the make or break of Britain?

Today 23rd June 2016, Britain is already having a referendum underway, which is popularly termed ‘Brexit’ or British Exit.

Exit from what? Well the European Union or EU consortium of which it is a member but now wishes to break away from, a sentiment that has split the country into ‘hotly favouring’ and ‘equally opposing’ groups better known as Team Leave and Team Remain. Heated debates and passionate ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments put forth by the sides have been the most talked of events until today and everyone is just waiting with bated breath to know the outcome to be announced publicly tomorrow.

135659And even after that, the ultimate decision by Parliament to quit or not to quit the EU.

The reason for Brexit arose from the following issues put forth by those in favour of the Exit.

  • Immigrants to Britain from the EU (read from other places too) have been responsible for a slowdown in Britain’s economy is one cause of concern. Cities especially it is felt bear the brunt. It is felt that with this burden removed by breaking away from the EU would improve things considerably.
  • The way the public services are affected today because of immigration would when saved by Brexit actually happening, could benefit the British population in terms of jobs and facilities.
  • Britain it is felt has the capability to strike out on its own like before the EU happened, but is bogged down by being part of EU which curtails its spirit of enterprise and risk-taking that some feel could bring Britain out of the rut.

14jkliEconomic experts warn of catastrophic effects that could ruin the country permanently should Brexit happen. If things were to turn out right as per expectations maybe a few rosy years could be seen before things were to pan out like any other country’s financial fortunes and Britain could be made to suffer from isolation from the EU, increased tariffs and loss of face if things turned awry.

Even many heads of government, leading public figures of the EU have generally expressed concern and shock over the turn of events leading to the referendum and prefer that Britain stick to the EU, address its concerns across the table and believe in the old adage “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Well! Much can be said both ways but it is always better to have somebody on your side through thick and thin rather than gamble on luck is good counsel.

3814Especially when the vast population of the ‘willing to be led’ is going to be subjected to the outcome of the whims and fancies of a few thinking individuals who themselves are in no position to even reasonably predict the outcome of a Brexit applied.

PM Modi had said last year in his visit to Britain that the country provided for a gateway to the EU and many of those seeking jobs in countries chose to land in the UK mainly on account of a large Asian community that is already part of Britain’s fortunes and the familiarity with the language compared to that of other nations of the EU. Brexit could alter that status.

As the world watches so do thousands of Indians who see the UK as a favored destination, who directly or indirectly feel that their coming days may be hinging on this big decision that Britain could be taking if ‘Brexit’ has its way.

Why not let us know your thoughts on the subject, brief or otherwise?

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